Project Brief

Project Overview:
The Riverfront Redevelopment Project aims to transform an underutilized industrial area along the river into a vibrant mixed-use district that enhances the city’s urban fabric and reconnects the community to the waterfront. Through thoughtful urban planning and architectural design, the project will revitalize the area, create new opportunities for economic growth, and improve the overall quality of life for residents and visitors.

Project Scope:

The project focuses on a specific site spanning 30 acres along the riverfront. It includes both brownfield areas and vacant lots, offering an opportunity to repurpose existing structures and introduce new developments that align with the project’s objectives.

Project Name:​

Commercial Building:​

Client Name:

Robert Richard​

Start Date:


Project Duration:

6 Month


Los Angeles

Project solution:

Site Analysis and Planning: Conduct a detailed site analysis to understand the existing conditions, including topography, natural features, infrastructure, and historical elements. Identify potential constraints and opportunities for development. Develop a comprehensive master plan that outlines the zoning, land use, and overall layout of the district.

Project solution:

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Limited space: If your living room is small, focus on maximizing the available space. Use multifunctional furniture pieces like storage ottomans or coffee tables with hidden storage.

Awkward layout or architectural features: If your living room has an odd layout or architectural features like pillars or windows in unusual places.

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Project solution:

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